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Nontoxic living with essential oils
Healthy Living

Nontoxic Living Using Essential Oils

While creating a healthy living lifestyle through food is my jam, there are other aspects of healthy living that I’m still learning about myself and trying to conquer. Like using essential oils in place of toxic chemicals!

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Pumpkin dessert recipes, apple recipes, healthy desserts for Thanksgiving
Sweet Tooth Satisfiers

Easy Fall Dessert Recipes

I’ve gathered some of our favorite, easy and healthy fall dessert recipes into one easy spot. So go ahead and bookmark this page to indulge in all things apple, pumpkin, warmth and comfort.

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Easy and Healthy School Lunch Ideas
Healthy Living

Easy and Healthy School Lunch Ideas (With a Free Download!)

Summer is winding down and school is fast approaching. Which means us mamas have to start packing those lunches again. Depending on where you are, your kids may already be back in school! And after packing those lunches for the past week or two, you might already be looking for some easy and healthy school lunch ideas. (If you’re here just for the download, skip to the bottom!)

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How to eat liver without tasting it

How to Eat Liver Without Tasting it: Easy Prep for Multiple Uses

Please understand, I don’t serve my family liver and onions. I wish I could say I liked liver, but I don’t. And I don’t like onions, either, for that matter. However, I want to provide my kids with a variety of nutritious foods. I don’t like to use vitamins if I know I can get it from the real source – food. And liver provides the kiddos with a lot of those vitamins and minerals. But serving plane ‘ole liver by itself just isn’t going to happen in this family.
So I hide it in our food.

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Veggie and Liver Meataballs
Main Dishes

Veggie and Liver Meatballs Recipe

These veggie and liver meatballs is another meatball version I like to serve the kiddos. It’s a way to get some extra veggies in them that they may not always eat. Anyone else’s kid love a veggie one day and hate it the next? Yeah, over here, too.

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How to help a colicky, fussy, gassy baby
Resources for New Mamas

How to Help a Colicky, Fussy, or Gassy Baby?!

Baby massage? Is that even a thing?
Why, yes, my friend it is. And if you have a colicky baby, a gassy baby, or a baby that doesn’t sleep well, then listen up. If you’ve looked into your diet, if breastfeeding, to find relief for your baby or have tried multiple formulas, but have seen no improvement, then this may be your next step! 

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Healthy Packaged Snack Ideas
On-The-Go Snacks

Healthy Packaged Snack Ideas

If you’ve peeked around my blog at all you’ll know I’m all about making your mom life and healthy living easier. The less complicated things are the better. And while I’m all about eating real, nutritious foods that don’t have a label, I’m also realistic. You need to have easy grab and go options that don’t require a lot of forethought because … hello, #busymom!

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8 easy food swaps
even the kids will love

Looking for easy ways to get your family to eat healthier, without all the grumbling? Download this free PDF of 8 different ways you can swap out foods for a healthier version. Recipes included!