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Hey Friend! I’m Bekah. And I’m here to help you. Yes you. The overwhelmed mama who’s looking for a more natural approach to help her child struggling with digestive issues, allergies, or behavioral problems.

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Personalized Wellness Program

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Who this program is for:

Mama’s who want to get down to the nitty gritty of what’s going on with their child dealing with allergies, digestive issues or behavioral issues.

What this program is:

A three month program where we make a personalized plan for your child based on their body’s needs. This includes:

Why three months? Because nutritional therapy is like any other therapy, it’s not a quick fix. Your child’s body didn’t get to a place of dysfunction overnight, just as it’s going to take time to bring their body back into a working balance.  Creating new habits and implementing new changes takes time with kiddos. When we take baby steps in the right direction, it sets your child up for success.

Follow Up Sessions and Packages

Need a refresher or to get back on track? In our follow up sessions, we’ll review progress, conduct any reassessments as needed, and adjust your child’s dietary plan if needed.

$80 per follow up session

Follow up session packages are available at a reduced rate of $275 for 4 sessions or $500 for 8 sessions.

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Healthy Family Workshops

Join me as I walk you through some of the foundations of eating and living a healthy lifestyle with kids while managing your mom life! 

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8 easy food swaps
even the kids will love

Looking for easy ways to get your family to eat healthier, without all the grumbling? Download this free PDF of 8 different ways you can swap out foods for a healthier version. Recipes included!